Hello, I'm Umer Ayan

UI/UX & Brand Identity Designer - Aspiring Frontend Developer

Who am i

I’m a 24 years old freelance designer from Pakistan, started off back in 2012 in Photoshop making photo manipulation art, and later on started learning Adobe Illustrator to improve my design and become a proper brand identity designer. Fast forwarding to 2018, I started building websites for my brand identity clients, and that turned out to be a successful move, so I shifted my expertise to web design and started learning tools like Shopify, WordPress, Figma, Adobe XD, etc.

To grow my skill set, I started learning frontend development so I could better implement my UI designs, and that’s where I began with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and soon I started learning React. On the other hand, I had also built up a keen interest in Python and I enjoyed solving riddles and logical problems, but I left that for another day…

Here are a few of my best projects

My Work


This was a website design I did for a design agency that deals in book cover design, layout and formatting. I was required to come up with a fun design with playful colours that would attract the potential clients of the agency. 

Adding all their best work on the homepage instead of creating separate pages really helped their audience to quickly see their work without having to browse through several pages, and having a contact form at the very end made it even better for their leads to become clients.

Ta Ta Enterprise

This was a very interesting project, Brian Ta and Steven Ta, the owners of Ta Ta Enterprise reached out to me for a website for their online retail business and we discussed the scope in terms of what kind of websites their competitors have, and what would help them stand out and get better sales, and after some design discussions, we were finally able to go through with this design and it was such a great experience for them that they instantly hired me for another website and referred 3 more clients my way. Would love to work with these guys again and again!

Peregrina's Distribution

Christopher Peregrina, owner of Peregrina’s Distribution, approached me through a referral inquiring about a website design. The goal was to design a wholesale distribution website but make the design interesting instead of the traditionally boring design used by most distributors. I provided Chris with some options and we were happy with this design which I then refined and finalized. This website really helped Chris in getting more business from reputable brands.

…and here are a few more projects


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